Bill Savoie, Jeff McDonald, Matt Harlan, Tony Barilla, Rodney Chinelliott

For Immediate Release

So great to finally announce the release of OddKnee’s first record, “I’m so Drunk, Happy, and Pissed”. Loved playing with these great musicians. Come celebrate our official release March 4th at IFLM Records world wide headquarters. Free CD to the first twenty through the door! Free beer, too! Well, until there is no more. Pre-order here now on iTunes.

About OddKnee

OddKnee is a Houston based entertainer making his debut appearance on Valentine's day at Khon's bar February 14th, 2015.

Someone described the musical style of OddKnee as the best combination of Xanadu and a vacuum cleaner yet achieved. Mixing the best of 80's underground new wave with junk punk and rock and roll, OddKnee understands what it means to be fun.


Rodney Chinelliott- Singer/Songwriter Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Tony Barilla- Co-Composer/Bass, Matt Harlan- Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Bill Savoie- Drums, Jeff McDonald-Synths.

Rodney Chinelliott aka OddKnee (Singer/Songwriter; lead/rhythm guitar) brings the band towards a rousing, anything goes, fast paced free-for-all. Rodney, originally from Detroit, has played and toured with many bands, such as Daniel Johnston, Butthole Surfers and J.W. Americana to name a few. Rodney is also the founder of IFLM Records, LLC., also based in Houston.

Tony Barilla (Bass/Co-Composer) has musical roots that are deep and international. Currently, he is composing background songs for This American Life and co-composer for the band Merel and Tony.

Jeff McDonald (Synths and Lights) is the noise-maker in the band. When somebody asked him what he plays in the band, his answer was "I play the vacuum cleaner." Jeff is also partner in IFLM Records, LLC. and is one hell of an engineer.

Adding Matt Harlan (Lead/Rhythm Guitars) to the group is like adding ice cream to apple pie. His understated style adds depth to even the most simplest of songs. Matt is also a career musician as a singer/songwriter and has toured and played with the best of them.

Bill Savoie (Drummer) is not your run-of-the-mill drummer. He actually fells giant red oaks by hand to obtain the highest quality drumsticks. He'll go through hundreds of trees just for one pair of sticks. That's how serious he takes his beats.

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  • March 4, 2017 - Houston, TX - IFLM Records - CD Release

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